Wednesday, November 27, 2019

a stroll in the cold

Tonight (well, Tuesday night), I went for my first long walk since returning from the big walk—out to the Han River and back. It was only 22,000 steps total, but that's more than enough. I'll do another such walk on Thursday, and then I'll be meeting my ancient enemy John McCrarey for a walk down to Bundang this coming Saturday, to be capped off with lunch... somewhere. We'll be eating at my place, maybe, or possibly at Jamshil Lotte World Mall if it's rainy on Saturday, or possibly somewhere in Bundang which, according to a coworker, has turned into a minor foodie mecca over the past decade.

Meantime, it's nice to start walking again. I've rested for a month, and I think that's enough. Now, I need to get myself a new pair of walking shoes...

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