Friday, November 29, 2019

bread pudding: the redemption

My pecan pie didn't taste bad, but it was juuuust over the edge between overcooked and burned. I didn't want to waste the parts of the pie that were unburned and salvageable, so I discarded the crust and the pie's top layer, then mixed the pie's filling with both apples and the base for a bread pudding. Behold the results:

The pudding still needs to cool down and harden up a bit, but it is damn delicious. Admittedly, it tastes more like a church function's apple cobbler than a true bread pudding (mainly thanks to the cinnamon), but in all honesty, I don't care. When the rubber meets the road, taste trumps everything, and this is magnificent. I only wish I could have served this to my friends last weekend. Luckily, I have another friend coming over this weekend: John McCrarey. So I guess he'll be the beneficiary of this bread pudding. If John gives it a thumbs-up, I'll feel redeemed. No pressure, John; you're only preventing my seppuku.


Charles said...

Definitely looks more like an apple cobbler, but it doesn't matter what it is if it tastes good. I have no doubt John will like it.

If he doesn't, though, please use a razor sharp blade to save yourself some pain. If you need someone to be your kaishakunin, let me know.

Kevin Kim said...

I had a second piece after it had cooled down, and it was much more bread-pudding-ish at that point.