Thursday, November 28, 2019

Titania McGrath's origin story

In an earlier post, I highlighted a tweet that had been embedded on Instapundit. The tweet was by a certain "Titania McGrath," and Instapundit noted the tweet was "satirical." I took that to mean that McGrath was tweeting in the same spirit as, say, the left-leaning Onion or the right-leaning Babylon Bee. But as it turns out, the rabbit hole runs deeper: Titania McGrath is a fiction created by British standup comedian Andrew Doyle. Below is an interview in which Doyle talks about his satirical approach to comedy and the origins of Titania McGrath for those of us who aren't on Twitter and don't know of her:

Somewhere around 1:38 in the above video is a Kensington-and-Cotswolds joke that I found hilarious. Doyle fires off the joke while describing the sort of uppity, overprivileged, out-of-touch person that the fictional Titania is. I'm American, but even I have heard of the frou-frou, stuck-up Cotswolds, so I got the humor.*

*Sure, there's plenty of farming and working-class activity going on there, but the Cotswolds are also where many famous people live, giving it a snooty, Hamptons-style vibe.

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