Sunday, November 03, 2019

French interview with Paul Taylor

This one is for francophones only, I'm afraid, unless you're okay with using the rather shaky auto-translate subtitling feature on YouTube: French-speaking English bloke Paul Taylor is on a talk show apparently titled "Salut, les Terriens!" ("Hey, Earthlings!"). The show's host covers some aspects of Taylor's comedy, then later plays a game with Taylor called "An Englishman in Paris," in which the host begins a sentence as if he were the Brit in Paris ("You French people, when you swear, you..."), and Taylor has to complete the sentence with his own insights about the French. Taylor gleefully expresses disloyalty to his own culture and offers effusive praise to Paris and to France in general. The video is a good listening-comp exercise for those looking to practice their French. Otherwise, for the French-fluent, it's just a fun time as Taylor humorously interacts with both the show's host and the other French celebrities sitting alongside him. The jokes about medicine and suppositories are particularly funny.

You might notice, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, the caption "My Taylor is Funny." This is a riff off the stock phrase "My tailor is rich"—a phrase that's become a hoary old joke among French people learning English, as it's one of the many useless phrases that old textbooks used to teach students. This was apparently paired up with a painful pun, such that the full utterance in the textbook was: "My English is poor, but my tailor is rich." (Imagine that being said with a thick French accent.)

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