Thursday, November 21, 2019

Pepple on Islamophile hypocrisy and couardise

Here. An excerpt:

Ever since 9/11, and maybe even before, the left in the West has been swooning over Muslims and bashing anyone who it deems is an Islamophobe. But now that Muslims are under siege in various non-Western regions, where are these concerned citizens of the world? They are silent.

It's the same lack of testicular fortitude seen in other contexts: bash the US for environmental problems, but not China (looking at you, Greta the Specious), which will lock you up if it catches you; bash Christians for their backwards fundamentalism, but not equally fundie Islam because Christians don't lop people's heads off. Bash law-abiding gun owners and not the criminals with guns who are actually causing the problems. Never attack anyone you know will punch you in the throat for your impertinence. It takes real courage to attack those who would never attack you, doesn't it. Cowards.

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John Mac said...

'The hypocrisy and cowardice of the left truly are astounding. That's why I laugh at the proponents of the Green New Deal spouting off as the board their private jets en route to some climate change gathering. Until China signs on anything the USA does is meaningless. Not that I agree that humans are causing warming. I blame the sun!