Wednesday, November 06, 2019

is Tim Pool too optimistic?

Tim Pool seems to think that cancel culture is now in decline as even leftists, from Barack Obama on down, push back against the repressive nature of this humorless wave of political correctness. In a recent video, Pool cites the example of a Saturday Night Live comedian who made some off-color trans jokes, and who isn't backing down in the face of the "woke" outrage he's been inundated with:

I think Pool is being a bit too optimistic, here. It's similar to when I hear alt-media types like Styx crow about the imminent death of the mainstream media: I don't think the MSM will be dying anytime soon, if ever. Nor do I think the Democrats, as a party, are so lost that the party is going to collapse and re-form itself into something newer and better. Granted: it's possible that sudden collapses might happen in these areas of American political life, but I'm just not seeing the signs. And isn't Barack Obama one of the originators of cancel culture?

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