Monday, November 18, 2019

absolutely essential Tim Pool

If you watch no other Tim Pool video, please watch this one:

Pool again makes the point that the right—and the right-wing and alt media—are closer to reality than the left is, even while bad-faith actors like CNN's Brian Stelter try to make it sound as if the right is hiding inside its own fantastical, reality-denying bubble.

My metric for which side to trust has long been predictive value. Pool makes this point in the above video, too: the right can predict what the left will do and say, but the left consistently fails to predict what the right will do and say. I watch people like Tim Pool* and Styx because they often have the balls to predict trends and events, and they're usually right. That can only come from a clear-eyed understanding of human nature and an actual, serious dedication to the truth, not to spin. So when Tim Pool argues that the left is currently mired in paranoid delusion, I'm more apt to listen to him than I am to listen to scum-suckers like Brian Stelter.

Pool himself represents hope that the left doesn't have to be this way, that its scotosis isn't inevitable. People on the left, if they choose to make the effort, can see reality clearly, but in this period of history, the left's collective head is jammed so far up its collective ass that clear sight isn't going to be possible for a while.

*Pool might be a leftie, but he has a rightie's groundedness in reality.


John Mac said...

Alright, I've got the Pool video cued up to watch after I complete my morning routines. Your post though seems to tie in with something I read on Althouse this morning. People are tuning out. I'm not quite there yet, I have a few go-to sources and stuff you post from Pool is a nice addition to the mix. But I'm very grateful to live overseas where I can avoid the 24/7 barrage of hysteria.

The funny (sad?) thing is I'm not and never was a big fan of Trump. But damn, the candidates the Dems are putting on stage are scary bad. And most of the left are too blind to see that. Apparently.

Kevin Kim said...

It's hard to imagine what it's like to be in the States right now, especially with all the talk of civil war.