Thursday, November 07, 2019

the collapse of my home state

Thanks to the results of the recent special elections, my home state of Virginia has gone from reddish to purple to thoroughly blue.

Message from Virginia: Blue states emerge from expanding federal governments

My home county, Fairfax, is shithole-ifying as well (h/t to Bill Keezer):

Fairfax County, Virginia, Presents Dire Warning to America

Things are only going to get worse. I'm contemplating an eventual move back to the States, but if Virginia is going down the toilet (one article, which I now can't find, half-jokingly predicted that, twenty years from now, people will be fleeing Virginia in droves, the way they're currently fleeing California), maybe I will think about moving to Wyoming.

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John Mac said...

I love Wyoming, especially the western portion. I could hole up in Jackson Hole. Too bad it's in the USA though. Don't want to live there!