Sunday, November 10, 2019

"You've fixed the barn door after the horse has come home."

At long last, the correct tee design for my now-finished walk is available on Teespring. For those of you who had some sort of decision-making disorder and failed to order tees while I was on my walk, I now have a new, improved design that shows the correct section of the Saejae Trail in brown (you might call the color "orange" or "tawny brown" according to how you see it; it's a laurel/yanny thing). The travel dates for the walk have also been modified to reflect the extra day I took, and on the tee's back, the phrase "in 28 days" has been changed to "in 29 days" (24 days' walking, 5 days' resting).

Click the huge image below to be taken to, where you can order yourself and your loved ones as many tee shirts as you have mobile devices.

Thank you in advance for your belated purchase.

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