Monday, November 04, 2019

Larry Elder on Joe Biden calling Trump an idiot


Those rainbow-loving Dems, for all their professed adoration of racial diversity, seem to keep touting old white people as the leaders they most want to have. That, or the rank-and-file Dems need to recognize that, when it comes to election jiggering, their own party excels at loading the dice and thumbing the scales, often to their own detriment. The DNC fucked the popular Bernie Sanders in 2016, jiggering the race in favor of a different old white person: Hillary Clinton; they're doing it again during this campaign cycle, but with Joe Biden. And the regular Dems are letting it happen. Maybe some folks are more racist than they're letting on...? Maybe the Dems collectively want a good ol' boy or a good ol' girl in the White House...? That would certainly explain why Tulsi Gabbard isn't doing any better than she currently is.


  1. Kamala Harris came right out and blamed her failing campaign on voters who won't support a woman of color for President:

    "Discussing her campaign with “Axios on HBO”, Kamala Harris says electability is the “elephant in the room”, questioning whether America is ready for a woman — and a woman of color — to be president."

    Of course, she is talking about Democrat voters since this is the primaries she's competing in. At least she admits Dems are racist and sexist...

  2. Harris is right that the Dems are insanely focused on electability above all else; this is consistent with their eternal quest for power. She's wrong, however, to shit all over her voter base. Hillary Clinton did much the same, which is why she's fast becoming a footnote in the history books, even among fellow liberals. Arrogance toward the people rarely pays.



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