Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Instapundit on the shithole-ification of US universities

Sorry, but I have to quote this Instapundit entry in its entirety:

PATHETIC, BUT SADLY UNSURPRISING, BECAUSE ELITE HIGHER EDUCATION SUCKS: The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Students for Reporting News That Triggered Them. A rousing “fuck you” would have been better, but today’s students lack the courage to stand up to idiocy and bullying from their peers. “Activist” should be treated as a synonym for “bullying idiot,” because, well, it actually is a synonym for bullying idiot.

Plus: “The piece must be read in its entirety to be believed. It sounds like parody—something The Babylon Bee would make up for a fake article mocking progressive deference to the hypersensitive.” Well, the Bee has gone from a parody site to America’s newspaper of record — because leftist activists are such bullying idiots that they’re basically beyond parody.

Also: “Is this what students at the country’s most prestigious journalism school are learning these days? That self-censorship is the paper’s best practice if someone is offended by what’s happening in the world?” Yes. That’s exactly what they’re learning there.

Related: Student Government Votes to Support Activists Who Think The Harvard Crimson Shouldn’t Even Quote ICE in Stories. Remember, “activist” is basically a synonym for bullying idiots, and “student government” is basically a synonym for idiots.

—Glenn Reynolds

I'm telling you: if I lived in the States and had kids in this era, I'd be home-schooling them and advising them to avoid college. Go find a decent trade school, learn to code—do anything but fill your head with the bullshit they're shoveling in these bullshit factories. People the world over flock to US universities because they think they're getting the best possible education. That may have been true in a different time and a different universe, but US university "education" is little more than a shameless scam these days. Even the hard sciences are being eroded from within by the intellectual rot that had been, until recently, confined to the humanities. Just think back to physicist Matt Taylor, who in 2014 had wanted to report his findings about a probe landing on a comet, but who got raked over the coals by screechy feminists for wearing a politically incorrect shirt designed by a female friend. And you thought the conservatives and their science-denialism were bad? Liberal cancel culture says, "Hold my beer. Here's how you cock-block scientific achievements."

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