Sunday, November 03, 2019

good fookin' riddance

Finally showing some sense, loser and all-around idiot Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke drops out of the presidential race. It's about fucking time. A wildly gesticulating moron desperately trying to look hip to a younger crowd, O'Rourke was initially lionized as a reincarnation of a young Kennedy. This proved true, but only insofar as his campaign turned out to be plagued by something like the Kennedy curse, with poll numbers never breaking 5%. O'Rourke had thrown his hat into the ring after first having insisted he would not be running. That, right there, should have been a sign of his weather-vane personality, flip-flopping worse than John Kerry's flaccid dick. O'Rourke's disgusting, unconstitutional insistence on forcibly taking gun owners' rifles, despite the fact that rifles are not generally used in mass shootings (that honor goes to pistols), was an indicator of his tone-deafness in the face of the American people, his willful ignorance of facts, and his conformity to the stereotype, well known among conservatives, that "every liberal harbors an inner totalitarian." It doesn't help that O'Rourke had been arrested for both DWI and unlawful entry years previously.

Styx discusses the consequences of a Beto withdrawal, noting that Beto's advocates must now shift to backing someone else—possibly Pete Buttigieg:

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