Friday, November 22, 2019

the cooking marathon nears its end

Tonight: I'm baking a tiny Costco ham and two more pies: apple and pecan. For the apple pie, I need to remember to sprinkle some sugar onto the top crust this time. when I baked two apple pies earlier, I put sugar on the smaller one but forgot to sugar up the larger pie. Didn't seem to matter to those who ate the pie at work, but I was inwardly kicking myself.

Saturday morning, the marathon concludes as I cook up the rest of the Thanksgiving meal: bacon-wrapped chicken roulade, gravy, and peas & carrots. The roulade will need a significant amount of oven time. At some point before my guests arrive, I also need to give my floor a good cleaning (it's always hairy, even though I use a lint roller several times a week) and make sure my bathroom isn't speckled with shit splatter. Can't have my friends retching.


Charles said...

There is going to be an obscene amount of food going on tomorrow.

Kevin Kim said...

And I certainly don't expect us to eat it all. I'm going to freeze the leftovers and take some to the office, but because everyone in my office is on some kind of fucking diet, I'm probably going to end up re-freezing everything and serving it to John McCrarey when he comes by the Saturday after Thanksgiving. (Although there might be some food that I remake just so he can have a fresh version of it as opposed to a nasty, thawed-out version.)