Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Tim Pool regains his form

"I don't know if journalism will come back, but it's been gone a long time."
—Tim Pool

Alt-media commentators have been waiting eagerly for the latest revelation from Project Veritas, the investigative-news service run by James O'Keefe, whom alt sources hail as one of the few real journalists working today, and whom the left excoriates as a mere rightie troll who doctors his stories through cleverly edited video footage. Watch Pool's video on the Veritas release, which gets into how deep and wide the Jeffrey Epstein scandal actually extends:

Pool is right to excoriate ABC News for hypocritically talking about having journalistic "standards" when it so obviously runs baseless accusations against people like President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. The mainstream media have no integrity. Fuck them all.

"Journalism is dead":

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John Mac said...

Traditional journalism is indeed dead. And as more and more people come to that realization it will be interesting to see what rises to fill the void. Maybe it will be the Pool's and O'Keefe's, maybe something else.

It's a sad state of affairs though. The Founders thought of a free press as a key check on government abuses. But the dishonest posturing and outright collusion with the left constitutes an abdication of that role by the Fourth Estate. We are better off without them at this point.