Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tim Pool on the Dems' suicidal electoral strategy

They [Democrat partisans] don't care that he [Trump] was elected. They don't care that many of these people testifying are people who think their opinion supersedes the president['s], and they should be allowed to disrupt the president's foreign policy. We did not elect these individuals. I didn't elect [i.e., vote for] Donald Trump, but I recognize the people of this country did, and for better or for worse, you let him do his job, and if you don't like it, you vote for somebody else.

But now, the bigger point, which shows that the Democrats do not care—I'm not saying every single Democrat, but enough of them, the leadership—they don't care about what this is doing to our country. According to a Politico story, they bring up a very great point: if the impeachment goes to trial in the Senate, that means many of the 2020 presidential candidates on the Democrat side will be pulled from the campaign trail; they will become jurors in an impeachment trial where they will not be allowed to directly ask questions and must remain silent. That means the Democrats are not even going to be able to campaign! So—I want to hear policy ideas! But the impeachment is gonna shut that down? Why? What's the long-term plan?

The plan is simply, "Orange Man is bad; vote for literally anyone else." I won't do that. I will vote on principle. To me, this is a last-ditch, desperation Hail Mary where the Democrats are showing they don't care about policy; they don't have a plan, and they know that people don't like their candidates, so they need to make sure you hate the president.


But I'll tell you this: I'm also a mature adult who recognizes I don't always get what I want, and for better or for worse, the president who was elected should serve their term and not be disrupted by unelected officials or individuals in the intelligence community who think their opinion supersedes the president['s]. But that's what we're getting now.
We're getting second-hand, third-hand testimony from people who think their opinion on what foreign policy should be is better than that of the president. No, I'll tell you what: the president will survive this term or terms, and then you vote for someone else.

Disagree with Pool if you must, but keep his rationality in mind. This is what a sane liberal sounds like. Such animals do exist, and it's important to remember that. Unfortunately, voices for rationality are being drowned out by other liberals—the loud, frothing ones who moronically lump Pool in with the alt-right, the Nazis, and the white supremacists. It would almost be funny if it weren't so fucking sad.

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John Mac said...

I'm afraid Mr. Pool has become one of the very few remaining voices of reason on the left. There are others I'm sure but they have been cowed into submission. And I think Pool's bottom line is the right one, they Dems know Trump can't be defeated by any of their wacky candidates, so this is their last option. It's not a good one, for their own party or for the country.