Saturday, November 09, 2019

today's agenda

Today's agenda is simple enough:

1. Get a haircut.
2. Go out to Itaewon, track down ground turkey, and buy it.
3. Write up the walk blog's epilogue post.
4. Upload the updated tee-shirt design, with dates and map corrected.
5. Write review of "Toy Story 4."

UPDATE: haircut was successful. Partial failure in Itaewon: I visited the two neighboring foreign-food marts in search of ground turkey, and I came away with ground lamb,* which I'll use tomorrow when I make my version of Scotch pie. I'll see, tomorrow, whether Garak Market has any turkey. If I can't find turkey anywhere, I'll default to chicken. Both food marts in Itaewon sell huge packs of raw chicken breast for very cheap, and I can use my food processor to grind the meat. One way or another, burdz will be on the menu, baby.

*I also came away with bleached almond flour from the second foreign-food mart. Finding that was a huge surprise. I have almond flour already, for keto recipes, but it's the coarse-ground kind, where they don't peel the almonds before grinding them. Bleached almond flour is, practically speaking, much better for keto recipes.


Daniel said...

Check Costco. Saw some giant birds for 8k a piece

Kevin Kim said...

Will do. I'll be doing a Costco run soon, anyway.