Saturday, November 16, 2019

the privative theory of turkey

The so-called privative theory of evil, normally attributed to St. Augustine, is the idea that evil is simply the absence of good, just as blindness, as a condition, is the absence of sight. My own privative theory is that, in the absence of turkey, all you've got left is chicken.

I went to my local Costco Friday evening to see whether it might be carrying turkey, given that the Yangjae area has plenty of American expats, many of whom will be looking to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey. Result: nada. No turkey, and not even any ground chicken.

So I'll probably be heading back out either to Costco or to the foreign-food mart in Itaewon this weekend to buy myself a kilo of frozen chicken breast. I saw some lovely recipes for rosemary chicken with figs and goat cheese; I'll be converting that into something that can be made into a lovely, bacon-wrapped roulade.

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