Saturday, November 23, 2019


Get ready for some blood! Here are two pics of my sliced-open thumb. A day has passed, and the thumb is still bleeding, so I'm probably going to go to the local hospital on Sunday. I don't think the cut can be stitched because the skin can't be pulled closed, but maybe the docs can stick some sort of blood-stopper into the wound:

It's funny: the wound isn't that big, but it's a bleeder. I controlled the bleeding with medical gauze and Leukotape (the first photo, above, shows an unsuccessful attempt; the second attempt was much more ambitious), and I managed not to bleed all over my bed last night, but even after nearly 24 hours, the thumb is bleeding at the same slow rate as it had been yesterday. So, yeah: I'm probably going to pay a visit to the local hospital tomorrow. I live close to the prestigious Samsung Hospital (which was also, rather embarrassingly, ground zero for a MERS outbreak a few years ago); maybe the docs there can help me out.

UPDATE: the bleeding has stopped. Could it be that scabbing has begun?


John Mac said...

Damn! We need to ban knives if they are going to go around cutting people like that.

Glad to hear the bleeding has stopped.

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks. I seem to have survived the night without bleeding all over my bed, so my scab is holding firm. I didn't even put a bandage on my thumb.