Wednesday, November 13, 2019

quickie gyros

Gyros! The only real culinary compromise, here, is that I got lazy and used tortillas instead of a more substantial flatbread like a pita or naan (which is my usual go-to bread when I make gyros). So in order to make the tortilla experience a bit more pita-like, I pan-fried the bread after lightly painting it with a mixture of butter, olive oil, salt, paprika, and powdered garlic. Keeping the skillet on low-ish heat, I let the tortillas sizzle on the painted side for 70 seconds, flipped the rounds over, then let them sizzle another 45 seconds before removing them and stacking them on a different plate. What follows are step-by-step images of the build.

Put down your tzatziki and feta first:

Layer on your olives and cukes:

Add your 'maters:

Pile on some lovely, lovely meat:

Add lettuce and enjoy:

The meat and the tzatziki were all mine; the veggies were courtesy of Mother Nature, and the tortillas were pre-made. I'm rather proud of the meat and the tzatziki; both came out amazingly well. Now that I have a new method for making the lamb loaf, I think I'll be sticking to that method from now on. It'll certainly save me a lot of money: beef, which I normally use when making gyros, is very expensive in Korea. By using panko instead of beef, I've ended up with a much stronger lamb flavor. There's no going back now.

I ate two gyros this evening. The tortillas made them very light. I'll be serving the rest for lunch at the office tomorrow. I think it's just going to be me and one other coworker eating all this bounty: she's not on any particular diet right now, unlike my two male coworkers.


John Mac said...

"I'm on the lamb but I ain't no sheep".

Sorry, couldn't resist. You've been cooking up a storm lately, were you thinking about food while you did all that walking? Anyway, it sure looks good. I think the solitary lamb meat flavor sounds excellent.

Kevin Kim said...

Oh, I was definitely thinking about food every dang day during the walk. One of the nice things about returning to civilization is the ability to cook.

If you do come over to my place, and I don't have any worthwhile leftovers from Thanksgiving, I ought to cook us up some gyros. But with real flatbread!